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preopening combined form of opening.
preoperational combined form of operational.
preordain to determine or decree beforehand; foreordain.
preorder combined form of order.
prep (informal) of or relating to a preparatory school. [4 definitions]
prep.1 abbreviation of "preposition."
prep.2 abbreviation of "preparation."
prepackage to wrap or pack (goods) in advance before distribution for retail sale.
prepaid past tense and past participle of prepay.
preparation the act or process of preparing. [3 definitions]
preparative tending to prepare or make ready. [2 definitions]
preparatory designed to prepare or make ready. [3 definitions]
preparatory school a usu. private secondary school that prepares students for college.
prepare to make ready. [4 definitions]
prepared ready, fit, or equipped for something. [2 definitions]
preparedness the condition or state of being prepared, esp. for war.
prepay to pay for in advance.
preperformance combined form of performance.
preplan combined form of plan.
preponderance superiority in amount, strength, significance, weight, or the like.
preponderant greater or superior in amount, importance, power, or the like; predominant.