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press1 to bear down on with strong or moderate pressure. [16 definitions]
press2 to force into military service; impress. [3 definitions]
press agent one whose business is to promote a person or organization by arranging advertising and publicity in the news media.
press box a section reserved for reporters, esp. at a sports event.
press conference a group interview at which news reporters question a politician, celebrity, or other public figure.
presser a person or thing that presses. [2 definitions]
press gallery a section in a chamber, esp. of a legislature, reserved for members of the news media.
press gang a group of men under the command of an officer who round up other men and force them to enter military service.
pressing requiring immediate attention.
press kit an informational packet prepared for distribution to the news media.
pressman a man who operates a printing press.
press of sail the largest amount of sail that a ship can safely carry in given wind conditions.
press on to persist in moving forward or trying to make progress.
press release a statement prepared esp. for distribution to the press, as by a government or organization; news release.
pressroom the room in a printing or publishing business where the printing presses are. [2 definitions]
press secretary a person who deals with the news media on behalf of a government official or other public figure.
press the panic button (slang) to react frantically to a crisis.
pressure the applying of constant force upon a surface. [4 definitions]
pressure cooker a heavy, airtight metal pot in which steam under pressure cooks food quickly and at a very high temperature. [2 definitions]
pressure gauge a device that measures the pressure of an enclosed gas or fluid. [2 definitions]
pressure group any special-interest group that tries to influence government officials and legislation through publicity, lobbying, or the like.