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prime meridian the meridian passing through Greenwich, England, used as a starting line for the measurement of longitude east and west.
prime minister the chief minister and head of the cabinet in parliamentary governments.
prime number a number, such as 2 or 11, that can be evenly divided only by itself or by 1.
primer1 a book that teaches basic principles, esp. a children's textbook that teaches reading.
primer2 one that primes. [3 definitions]
prime ribs (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a widely favored cut of beef, coming from the seven ribs in front of the loin.
prime time in television, the evening hours of programming, when the largest number of people are free to watch.
primeval of or suggestive of the first age or ages.
priming explosive powder or material. [3 definitions]
primitive of, pertaining to, or at an early stage or undeveloped condition. [6 definitions]
primitivism belief in the superiority of early or primitive civilizations over contemporary ones. [2 definitions]
primogenitor the first or earliest ancestor.
primogeniture the legal right of the first-born, esp. the oldest male child, to the entire inheritance of one or both parents. [2 definitions]
primordial being earliest; existing at or from the beginning. [2 definitions]
primp to groom, arrange, or assemble (one's hair, clothing, or the like) with unusually attentive care. [2 definitions]
primrose any of several perennial plants bearing clusters of tubular flowers in various colors, esp. yellow, and having large leaves at the base of the flower stalk.
primrose path a course of action that appears easy but may turn out to be disastrous.
prin. abbreviation of "principal."
prince the son or grandson of a monarch. [4 definitions]
Prince Albert a long double-breasted frock coat.
prince consort the husband of a reigning queen or other female sovereign.