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prix fixe a fixed price charged for a complete meal. (Cf. la carte.) [2 definitions]
prize a reward offered or won in a contest, competition, game of chance, or the like. [8 definitions]
Prize Cases a U.S. Supreme Court case decided in 1863 that held that, despite the absence of a declaration of war, President Lincoln acted within his powers to order the seizure of ships blockaded from Southern ports.
prize court a court that decides how to distribute goods captured in war, esp. goods taken at sea.
prizefight a professional boxing match for a cash prize.
prize ring a raised platform, enclosed by ropes, in which prizefights take place; boxing ring. [2 definitions]
prizewinner one that has won a prize.
pro1 in favor of some proposal, decision, person, or the like.(Cf. con1.) [3 definitions]
pro2 (informal) professional, esp. in certain sports. [3 definitions]
pro-1 forward. [2 definitions]
pro-2 in favor of; supporting. [2 definitions]
proa a swift, canoe-shaped Malay sailboat with one triangular sail and one outrigger.
proactive active or characterized by being active in such a way as to prevent or prepare for events happening as opposed to reacting after events occur.
prob.1 abbreviation of "probable" or "probably."
prob.2 abbreviation of "problem."
probability the quality, condition, or fact of being probable. [3 definitions]
probable likely to occur or be true. [2 definitions]
probable cause a reasonable basis for believing that a person is guilty of a crime.
probably quite likely; almost certainly.
probate the legal establishing of a will as authentic, valid, and binding. [3 definitions]
probate court a special court with jurisdiction over the probating of wills, the administration of estates, and the determination of guardians for minors and incompetents.