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proclivity a natural tendency or inclination; propensity or predisposition.
proconsul a provincial administrator of consular rank in the Roman Empire. [2 definitions]
procrastinate to put off taking an action or doing a task; delay. [2 definitions]
procreate to beget or give life to (offspring). [3 definitions]
procrustean (often cap.) pertaining to the forcing of someone or something into conformity with preconceptions.
Procrustes in Greek mythology, a giant who stretched his captives or cut off their legs to make them fit a bed he put them in.
proctology the branch of medicine that deals with the rectum and anus.
proctor one who supervises students during an examination, esp. in a college or university. [2 definitions]
proctoscope an instrument used to examine visually the interior of the rectum.
procumbent lying face down; prone. [2 definitions]
procuration the act of obtaining something. [4 definitions]
procurator a business agent who has power of attorney.
procure to get or get hold of by effort; obtain. [4 definitions]
procurement the act or process of procuring.
procurer one who secures the services of a prostitute for another person.
Procyon a yellowish white binary star in the constellation Canis Minor, having a combined magnitude of 0.4.
prod to poke with, or as though with, a pointed rod or instrument. [4 definitions]
prodigal imprudent and excessive in spending; extravagant. [3 definitions]
prodigality an act or instance, or the quality, of spending wastefully or of giving abundantly.
prodigal son in the New Testament, a young man who wasted his inheritance but returned home repentant and was warmly received by his family.
prodigious extremely large or great in size, amount, strength, extent, or the like; enormous. [2 definitions]