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promiscuous having casual sexual relations with many different people. [3 definitions]
promise to pledge (something). [8 definitions]
Promised Land in the Old Testament, the land of Canaan promised by God to Abraham and his descendants. [2 definitions]
promisee in law, one to whom a promise is made.
promising showing potential for favorable or successful development.
promisor in law, one who makes a promise.
promissory containing or conveying a promise.
promissory note a written promise to pay or repay a specified sum to a designated person at a specified time or on demand.
promontory a high cliff projecting into a large body of water, or a similar projection above a lowland.
promote to support the existence, growth, or advance of. [3 definitions]
promoter someone or something that promotes. [2 definitions]
promotion a raise to a higher rank or position. [4 definitions]
prompt done immediately, without delay. [7 definitions]
promptbook a script of a play marked with cues and other notes used by the prompter.
prompter in theater, a person offstage who supplies missed cues and forgotten lines to those who are performing.
promptitude the quality of being prompt; promptness.
promulgate to institute (a law or court decree) by proclamation. [2 definitions]
pron. abbreviation of "pronoun," in grammar, a word that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase, such as "he," "it," "someone," "myself," or "those."
pronate to turn or rotate (the hand or forearm) so that the palm of the hand faces down or backwards.
prone inclined or disposed; tending (usu. fol. by "to"). [3 definitions]
prong a thin, sharply pointed part of a tool, such as a fork tine. [3 definitions]