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propertied owning property.
property the sum total of items owned, or a part of that sum; possessions collectively. [5 definitions]
propertyless combined form of property.
prophecy a prediction or admonition, esp. when uttered by one considered to be a divine agent or prophet. [3 definitions]
prophesy to foretell or reveal, esp. under divine inspiration. [5 definitions]
prophet one who predicts the future, esp. one considered to be speaking under divine inspiration and revealing divine will. [5 definitions]
prophetess a female prophet.
prophetic of, pertaining to, or serving as a prophet or a prophecy. [2 definitions]
prophylactic protective or preventive, esp. against disease. [3 definitions]
prophylaxis the prevention of or protection against disease, as by medical treatment.
propinquity nearness in location or time; proximity. [3 definitions]
propionate a salt or ester of propionic acid.
propionic acid a colorless oily liquid used to inhibit bread mold and to make perfumes and artificial flavorings.
propitiate to overcome the disfavor or distrust of; conciliate; appease.
propitiation an act or instance of appeasing or conciliating. [2 definitions]
propitious offering favorable circumstances or conditions; opportune; promising. [2 definitions]
propjet an airplane with a turbo-propeller engine or engines; turboprop.
proponent one who proposes or favors an idea, doctrine, course of action, or the like. [2 definitions]
proportion a part or fraction of a whole. [6 definitions]
proportionable combined form of proportion.
proportional having the correct correspondence between sizes or parts. [3 definitions]