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propionic acid a colorless oily liquid used to inhibit bread mold and to make perfumes and artificial flavorings.
propitiate to overcome the disfavor or distrust of; conciliate; appease.
propitiation an act or instance of appeasing or conciliating. [2 definitions]
propitious offering favorable circumstances or conditions; opportune; promising. [2 definitions]
propjet an airplane with a turbo-propeller engine or engines; turboprop.
proponent one who proposes or favors an idea, doctrine, course of action, or the like. [2 definitions]
proportion a part or fraction of a whole. [6 definitions]
proportionable combined form of proportion.
proportional having the correct correspondence between sizes or parts. [3 definitions]
proportional representation a system of voting in which the percentage of legislators elected from a particular party is determined by the popular vote for that party.
proportionate in proportion; proportional. [2 definitions]
proposal a suggested plan. [3 definitions]
propose to present for consideration or adoption; suggest. [4 definitions]
proposition a plan of action proposed; proposal. [5 definitions]
propound to propose or set forth for consideration.
proprietary of, pertaining to, or suitable to a proprietor. [6 definitions]
proprietor an owner, or group of owners, of a business enterprise, real property, or the like. [2 definitions]
proprietress a female proprietor.
propriety proper or appropriate behavior. [3 definitions]
proprioception awareness of the position and movement of body parts.
proprioceptive of or pertaining to awareness of the position and movement of one's own body parts.