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protuberance that which projects; bulge or bump. [2 definitions]
protuberant bulging outward.
proud feeling pleased or satisfied with oneself because of an accomplishment, attribute, or possession. [6 definitions]
proud flesh see granulation tissue.
prove to show (something) to be true, valid, or genuine. [4 definitions]
proven a past participle of prove.
provenance the source of something; place of origin.
provender dry food that is used as feed for domestic animals or livestock. [2 definitions]
provenience the origin of something; provenance.
proverb a short saying in popular use that expresses a common truth or wisdom. [2 definitions]
proverbial of, in, or like a proverb. [2 definitions]
Proverbs a book of the Old Testament containing maxims ascribed to Solomon and other sages.
provide to supply (necessary things); furnish. [7 definitions]
provided on the condition; only if.
Providence the capital of Rhode Island.
providence wise preparation for future events and needs; careful management; foresight; prudence. [3 definitions]
provident showing wisdom and foresight in providing for the future. [2 definitions]
providential of, relating to, or seeming to result from divine guidance or intervention; fortunate or lucky.
provider a person or organization that is a source for or supplier of a particular product or service.
providing only if; provided.
province one of the administrative divisions of a country or empire. [4 definitions]