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proud feeling pleased or satisfied with oneself because of an accomplishment, attribute, or possession. [6 definitions]
proud flesh see granulation tissue.
prove to show (something) to be true, valid, or genuine. [4 definitions]
proven a past participle of prove.
provenance the source of something; place of origin.
provender dry food that is used as feed for domestic animals or livestock. [2 definitions]
provenience the origin of something; provenance.
proverb a short saying in popular use that expresses a common truth or wisdom. [2 definitions]
proverbial of, in, or like a proverb. [2 definitions]
Proverbs a book of the Old Testament containing maxims ascribed to Solomon and other sages.
provide to supply (necessary things); furnish. [7 definitions]
provided on the condition; only if.
Providence the capital of Rhode Island.
providence wise preparation for future events and needs; careful management; foresight; prudence. [3 definitions]
provident showing wisdom and foresight in providing for the future. [2 definitions]
providential of, relating to, or seeming to result from divine guidance or intervention; fortunate or lucky.
provider a person or organization that is a source for or supplier of a particular product or service.
providing only if; provided.
province one of the administrative divisions of a country or empire. [4 definitions]
Provincetown a U.S. town at the tip of Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts where English settlers called the Pilgrims first landed in 1620 before sailing to and settling at Plymouth.
provincial of, relating to, or originating in a province. [6 definitions]