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Prussian blue a dark blue pigment or dye used in fabric dyeing, painting, and the like. [2 definitions]
prussic acid see hydrocyanic acid.
pry1 to be offensively inquisitive about another's private affairs. [2 definitions]
pry2 to move, lift, open, or otherwise force with something that acts as a lever. [4 definitions]
pryer variant of prier.
prying tending to pry; nosy. [2 definitions]
P.S. abbreviation of "postscript," a note or message added at the end of a book or document, esp. at the end of a letter following the signature.
psalm a sacred or holy song or poem; hymn. [3 definitions]
psalmbook a book of psalms used for religious worship.
psalmist one who composes psalms. [2 definitions]
psalmody the act, practice, or art of singing or composing psalms. [2 definitions]
Psalms a book of the Old Testament that contains a varied collection of prayers, poetry, and hymns, often ascribed to David, Solomon, Moses, and other biblical sages.
Psalter (sometimes l.c.) a book containing the Old Testament Psalms, or a version of or selection from the Psalms, for use in religious worship.
psaltery a zitherlike musical instrument of the Middle Ages and Renaissance that has a flat trapezoidal body and numerous strings that are plucked with either the fingers or a plectrum.
PSAT abbreviation of "Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test."
PSC abbreviation of "Public Service Commission."
pseud. abbreviation of "pseudonym," a false name adopted by someone, esp. an author, to conceal his or her identity; pen name.
pseudepigrapha a group of early writings, some of which were falsely attributed to Biblical characters.
pseudo false or pretended; not authentic; fake.
pseudo- false; pretended.
pseudocyesis a physical condition in which symptoms of pregnancy are falsely manifested; false pregnancy.