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publish to prepare and distribute (printed material) for sale or circulation to the public. [5 definitions]
publishable combined form of publish.
publisher a person or company that publishes books or periodicals. [2 definitions]
publishing the business or profession of a publisher.
PUC abbreviation of "public utilities commission."
puce a dark brownish purple color.
puck in ice hockey, the hard rubber disk that players try to hit into the net for goals.
pucker to gather or contract into small folds or wrinkles. [2 definitions]
puckish (sometimes cap.) mischievous or playful; impish.
pudding a soft creamy or spongy dessert, usu. made by boiling or baking a mixture of milk, flour, eggs, and sugar, and adding fruit or other flavoring. [5 definitions]
puddle a small, shallow pool of water, esp. rainwater. [6 definitions]
puddling the act or process of purifying metal, esp. pig iron, by melting it in a furnace to remove the slag. [2 definitions]
pudendum the external genital organs of a woman. [2 definitions]
pudgy fat and usu. short or small.
pueblo a communal house, often several stories high, made of adobe or stone by Indians of the southwestern United States. [3 definitions]
puerile of or relating to children or childhood. [2 definitions]
puerperal relating to, connected with, or resulting from childbirth.
puerperal fever an infection, often fatal, of the endometrium or bloodstream, that occurs during or just after childbirth, usu. caused by unsanitary conditions surrounding delivery.
Puerto Ayora town located in Galapagos, Ecuador, on Isla Santa Cruz, known for its tourism infrastructure.
Puerto Rico a West Indies island commonwealth associated with the United States, east of the Dominican Republic.
puff a brief, forceful emission of breath, air, or vapor. [16 definitions]