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punch2 a tool or machine used for making small holes or indentations or for impressing a design, as in leather. [3 definitions]
punch3 a sweet drink comprising a mixture of ingredients such as fruit juices, soda, spices, or the like, often with wine or liquor added.
Punch-and-Judy show a puppet show consisting of slapstick humor in which the grotesque and quarrelsome Punch constantly fights with his wife Judy.
punch a time clock to work at a job that requires strict adherence to a certain number of hours to be worked.
punchboard a gambling game consisting of a small board with rows of paper-covered holes that players punch through to find tightly rolled slips of paper bearing prize designations, win or loss information, or the like.
punch bowl a large bowl in which punch, lemonade, or the like is mixed and served, esp. with a ladle. [2 definitions]
punch card a card with a pattern of holes punched in it representing information that can be stored, retrieved, or processed mechanically, electrically, or photoelectrically.
punch-drunk having or showing signs of brain damage, esp. from repeated punches to the head suffered in boxing. [2 definitions]
puncheon1 a cask of varying capacity of approximately eighty gallons or three hundred liters, used for beer, wine, and the like. [2 definitions]
puncheon2 a short, sturdy, upright piece of wood used for framing in constructing a building or the like. [3 definitions]
Punchinello the chief comic character in a traditional Italian puppet show who is the prototype of Punch, or a person resembling this character.
punching bag a stuffed or inflated bag, hung so it swings freely and used for punching practice or exercise, esp. by boxers.
punch in to record the time of beginning work, esp. by using a time clock.
punch line the phrase or sentence that contains the point of a joke.
punch out to record the time of ending work, esp. by using a time clock.
punch press a power-driven press used to shape metal by hammering or stamping.
punchy (informal) dazed or confused from, or as though from, repeated punches to the head; punch-drunk.
punctilio a small detail of etiquette or formal behavior. [2 definitions]
punctilious strictly adhering to etiquette or formalities. [2 definitions]
punctual on time; prompt. [2 definitions]
punctuate to place punctuation marks in. [4 definitions]