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pup tent a small tent for two persons.
purana (often cap.) any of a group of eighteen Hindu epics, containing fables and stories that deal with creation, the gods, genealogy, and the like.
purblind suffering from very poor eyesight; nearly blind. [2 definitions]
purchase to obtain by exchanging money for; buy. [5 definitions]
purdah the Muslim or Hindu practice of keeping women hidden from men outside their own family. [2 definitions]
pure composed of only one substance, element, or quality; not mixed. [8 definitions]
purebred bred from animals whose pure lineage can be documented. [2 definitions]
purée a food that has been reduced to a uniform, pulpy consistency, as by straining. [2 definitions]
purely in a pure manner. [2 definitions]
purfle a decorative border, such as the inlaid border of a violin; purfling. [2 definitions]
purgation the act or process of purging.
purgative tending to purge, esp. the bowels; cleansing. [2 definitions]
purgatory in Roman Catholicism, a place or state of suffering for the purification of the souls of the dead who will eventually be worthy of heaven. [3 definitions]
purge to rid of anything impure or unwanted. [12 definitions]
purify to free from dirt, contamination, or other unwanted elements. [3 definitions]
Purim a Jewish spring holiday that commemorates the saving from extinction of the ancient Persian Jewish community, as related in the Old Testament.
purine an organic substance from which is derived compounds such as caffeine and uric acid. [2 definitions]
purism uncompromising exactness and strictness with regard to long-established standards, as of language or political or philosophical belief. [2 definitions]
Puritan any of a group of Protestants that originated in England in the sixteenth century and were politically powerful there and later in the United States, and who believed in simple religious ceremony, strict moral discipline, and persecution of dissent. [4 definitions]
Puritan ethic a system of values in which work is believed to promote morality and strengthen character; work ethic; Puritan work ethic.
puritanical extremely rigid and strict in moral or religious matters. [2 definitions]