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purport to assert or allege, esp. falsely. [4 definitions]
purpose a reason or plan guiding an action; motive or intention. [6 definitions]
purposeful done with a definite purpose; deliberate. [3 definitions]
purposeless without purpose; aimless.
purposely on purpose; deliberately.
purposive serving a purpose; useful. [2 definitions]
purr to produce a soft, low, vibrating sound, as a contented cat. [4 definitions]
purse a pouch or bag made of leather, cloth, plastic, or the like, for carrying money and other personal possessions, usu. carried by a hand or shoulder strap; handbag. [5 definitions]
purser the ship's officer in charge of accounts, financial arrangements, passengers' valuables, and the like.
purse strings the control or management of finances, as of a family or organization.
purslane a low, trailing herb that bears small yellow flowers and whose leaves are sometimes used in salads.
pursuance the execution of a plan, procedure, or the like.
pursuant following on or proceeding from (usu. fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
pursue to follow in an effort to reach or catch; chase. [7 definitions]
pursuit the act or process of pursuing. [3 definitions]
pursuit plane a fast military aircraft used to chase and attack enemy planes in flight; fighter plane.
pursuivant the lowest rank of officer in the British Colleges of Heralds. [2 definitions]
pursy short-winded. [2 definitions]
purulent characterized by the presence or discharge of pus.
purvey to supply or provide (esp. food, drink, or other provisions).
purview the sphere, extent, or scope of anything, such as authority or understanding. [2 definitions]