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push up daisies to be dead and buried.
pushy (informal) annoyingly insistent upon satisfying one's desires; aggressive.
pusillanimous shamefully timid; cowardly.
puss a cat (used affectionately).
pussy1 (informal) a cat or kitten (used affectionately). [3 definitions]
pussy2 like or full of pus.
pussycat a cat or kitten (used affectionately).
pussyfoot to move softly and furtively, as a cat. [3 definitions]
pussy willow a small North American willow with large, velvety, silver-gray catkins. [2 definitions]
pustulant causing pustules to form. [2 definitions]
pustular of, relating to, or covered with pustules.
pustulate to form or cause pustules. [2 definitions]
pustule a bump on the skin, such as a pimple, that is filled with pus. [2 definitions]
put to move (something) to a particular position or location. [11 definitions]
put all one's eggs in one basket to risk all one has on a single undertaking.
put aside to save for a future time.
putative widely thought to be such; reputed; supposed.
put away to return something to the place where it usually stays.
put back to return something to a place.
put-down (informal) a comment or action that has the intent or result of embarrassing, humiliating, or rejecting someone. [2 definitions]
put down to stop holding; lay (something) down. [4 definitions]