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putt in golf, to strike a ball gently to roll it into or near the hole when it is on or near the green. [2 definitions]
puttee a strip of cloth wound spirally or other legging used by soldiers, horse riders, and the like to cover the lower leg.
putter1 to move about or work randomly and with little effort.
putter2 in golf, a short, flat-faced club that is used in putting. [2 definitions]
putter3 someone or something that puts.
put the cart before the horse to do or place things contrary to their logical order.
put the screws on to compel (someone) by exerting pressure or force; coerce.
put through the wringer to subject to a difficult ordeal, such as an interrogation.
putting green the area of closely mowed turf around each hole in a golf course. [2 definitions]
putto (Italian) a young male angel or cupid, often represented in baroque and rococo art.
put to bed to prepare someone, such as a child or disabled person, for rest or sleep in a bed.
put together to build something from parts. [2 definitions]
put to shame to cause to feel ashamed; disgrace. [2 definitions]
put to the sword to kill, esp. with a sword; execute.
put to use to apply or employ to one's advantage.
putty any of several semisolid, pliable substances used for sealing joints, securing window panes, filling small holes, and the like. [2 definitions]
putty knife a tool with a broad, flexible blade for applying putty.
puttyless combined form of putty.
put-up (informal) planned or arranged secretly beforehand.
put up with to accept or live with something bad.
put words in one's mouth to misinterpret or misrepresent what someone has said.