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PVC abbreviation of "polyvinyl chloride," a white thermoplastic resin, widely used in rainwear, pipes, floor tiles, and garden hoses.
Pvt. abbreviation of "Private," a soldier belonging to one of the lowest ranks.
PX abbreviation of "post exchange," trademark for a retail store on U.S. Army property that sells goods and services to military personnel and their families, and to some civilians.
pya the smaller monetary unit of Myanmar. (Cf. kyat.)
pye-dog a half-wild dog of southern and eastern Asia that travels in packs near villages.
pyemia a form of blood poisoning characterized by the presence of pus-producing bacteria in the bloodstream that causes an outbreak of abscesses in various parts of the body.
Pygmalion in Greek and Roman mythology, a king of Cyprus who made a statue of a woman with which he fell in love, and which Aphrodite then brought to life. (Cf. Galatea.)
Pygmy one of a race of African or Asian people of small stature. [2 definitions]
pylon a tall, massive structure that serves to delineate an approach, as to a bridge or, esp., to an ancient Egyptian temple. [3 definitions]
pylorus the muscle-ringed opening between the stomach and the duodenum.
pyo- pus.
Pyongyang the capital of North Korea.
pyorrhea a disorder marked by inflamed gums, formation of pus, and sometimes loose teeth. [2 definitions]
pyorrhea alveolaris a chronic inflammation of the gums and tooth sockets leading to the formation of pockets of pus between the gum and tooth, erosion of bone matter, and eventual loosening and loss of the tooth.
pyramid a geometrical solid with a polygonal base from each side of which a triangle extends to a common point. [10 definitions]
pyramidal of, concerning, or resembling a pyramid.
pyre a stack of material, esp. wood, used for burning a dead body.
Pyrenees a range of mountains between France and Spain.
pyrethrum any of various chrysanthemums grown for their colorful flowers and for the preparation of an insecticide and ointment. [2 definitions]
pyretic of, relating to, causing, or affected by fever.
Pyrex trademark for glassware that resists heat and chemical abrasiveness, used esp. in cookware and laboratory utensils.