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pyretic of, relating to, causing, or affected by fever.
Pyrex trademark for glassware that resists heat and chemical abrasiveness, used esp. in cookware and laboratory utensils.
pyridine a colorless flammable liquid obtained by distilling coal tar or bone oil and used in synthesizing drugs and vitamins, as a solvent, and to denature alcohol.
pyridoxine vitamin B6.
pyrimidine an organic compound that is the fundamental form of certain bases that are constituents of nucleic acids. [2 definitions]
pyrite a common yellowish metallic mineral used as a source of iron and in the production of sulfuric acid; fool's gold.
pyrites any of a wide variety of minerals, such as pyrite, containing a metal and sulfur.
pyro- fire; heat.
pyroclastic relating to or consisting of fragments of rock that were formed by volcanic or igneous activity.
pyroelectricity an electrical charge produced in certain crystals as a result of temperature changes.
pyrography the art, practice, or process of burning designs on wood, leather, or the like with a heated tool or a flame. [2 definitions]
pyrolysis chemical decomposition or change induced by heat.
pyromania a psychological disorder characterized by the overpowering desire to start fires.
pyrometer an electrical instrument used to measure high temperatures.
pyrophoric of certain metals, capable of igniting spontaneously in air or within a nuclear reactor.
pyrosulfuric acid a corrosive acid used in the making of explosives and dyes.
pyrotechnic of or relating to fireworks. [3 definitions]
pyrotechnics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the practice or art of making or using fireworks. [3 definitions]
pyroxylin a highly flammable nitrocellulose used in the manufacture of artificial silk, plastics, lacquer, and the like.
Pyrrhic victory a victory or achievement won at too great a cost.
pyrrole a colorless toxic compound that occurs in natural substances such as chlorophyll and various hydrocarbons.