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qualification that which makes someone suitable for, or is required for, an activity, job, or the like. [5 definitions]
qualified having the required competency, qualities, or skills, esp. for a job. [2 definitions]
qualifier a person or thing that qualifies, esp. to participate in a competition. [2 definitions]
qualify to make eligible or competent, as for a job; certify as competent. [8 definitions]
qualitative of or concerning the nature or attributes of something, as opposed to its amount. (Cf. quantitative.)
qualitative analysis the chemical analysis of a compound or mixture to determine the elements and other ingredients of which it is composed.
quality a distinguishing feature or inherent characteristic; property or trait. [5 definitions]
quality circle any small group of workers in a factory or the like that meets regularly to discuss production improvements.
quality control a system by which to maintain a desired standard of quality in a product or process.
qualm a feeling of guilt, doubt, or misgiving. [2 definitions]
quandary a situation of uncertainty, puzzlement, or hesitation; dilemma.
quanta pl. of quantum.
quantifiable capable of being measured or counted, or of being conceived in terms of amount.
quantify to find or express the quantity of.
quantitative of, concerning, or capable of being measured or expressed as, a quantity. [2 definitions]
quantitative analysis the chemical analysis of a compound or mixture to determine by exact measurement the amounts and percentages of its constituents.
quantity amount or number. [6 definitions]
quantization in mathematics, the process of converting a continuous set of values into a discrete set.
quantum an irreducible quantity of energy, such as a photon of light. [3 definitions]
quantum bit a fundamental unit of information in quantum computing that is equivalent to the binary bit used in traditional computing; qubit. Whereas the binary bit can only exist in two states (0 or 1), the quantum bit can exist in three states (0, 1, or 0 and 1 simultaneously).
quantum jump a sudden change in the energy level of an atom or molecule. [2 definitions]