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quark any of several elementary particles believed to be components of protons, neutrons, and related particles.
quarrel an angry or bitter disagreement or argument. [4 definitions]
quarrelsome tending to quarrel easily or frequently; bad-tempered; argumentative.
quarrier one who quarries stone.
quarry1 a large open hole or pit dug for mining stone, marble, gravel, or the like. [3 definitions]
quarry2 an animal hunted for food or sport. [2 definitions]
quarry3 something that is in the shape of a square or diamond, esp. a tile or small windowpane.
quarryman see quarrier.
quart in the US, a unit of capacity equal to two pints or 0.9464 liter in liquid measure and two pints or 1.101 liters in dry measure. (abbr.: qt.) [3 definitions]
quarter a fraction equal to one fourth of a whole. [15 definitions]
quarterback in football, the chief offensive player who calls the plays and is the first to receive the ball in most plays. [5 definitions]
quarter day any of the four days of the year that are regarded as beginning a new season or quarter and on which quarterly payments are due.
quarterdeck the rear part of the upper deck of a ship, usu. off limits to all but officers.
quartered divided into four parts. [3 definitions]
quarterfinal of or designating the round of competitive matches preceding the semifinals of a sports tournament. [2 definitions]
quarter horse any of a breed of saddle horses developed for quarter-mile racing and favored for their quickness, strength, and versatility.
quarter-hour a period of fifteen minutes. [2 definitions]
quarterly happening or appearing four times a year, esp. at the end of each three-month period. [4 definitions]
quartermaster in the military, an officer who arranges for and distributes food, housing, clothing, and other provisions. [2 definitions]
quarter note in music, a note whose duration is one fourth that of a whole note.
quartersaw to saw (a log) lengthwise into quarters and then into boards.