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quell to overpower or suppress with force; put down; quash. [2 definitions]
quelque chose (French) something of little importance; trifle.
quench to satisfy (a desire such as thirst). [3 definitions]
quenchable combined form of quench.
quenchless combined form of quench.
quenelle a small ball of seasoned chopped meat or fish poached in water.
quern a primitive, hand-operated mill, used esp. for grinding grain.
querulous habitually complaining. [2 definitions]
query a question or inquiry [8 definitions]
quesadilla a flour tortilla that is filled with cheese and spices, folded, and deep-fried.
quest a search, esp. an arduous one for something that is greatly desired. [4 definitions]
question a sentence that requests information or some other type of reply. [8 definitions]
questionable of doubtful honesty, legality, or propriety. [3 definitions]
questioning suggesting or implying a question or doubt. [3 definitions]
questionless combined form of question.
question mark a punctuation mark (?) used after a word, phrase, or sentence to indicate a direct question, or to indicate doubt or uncertainty; interrogation mark. [2 definitions]
questionnaire a list of questions aimed at gathering useful information.
quetzal any of several large trogons of Central and South America that have bright red and green plumage. [2 definitions]
queue a line, as of people, cars, or the like, esp. those waiting to be served. [4 definitions]
quibble an unimportant, petty, or trivial disagreement or objection. [2 definitions]
quiche an unsweetened pastry shell filled with custard, cheese, and one or two other ingredients, such as ham or spinach, usu. served hot from the oven.