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rag1 a scrap or fragment of cloth. [5 definitions]
rag2 (informal) to tease or scold.
rag3 a composition of ragtime music.
raga any of numerous traditional Hindu melodic patterns, each with specific progressions and rhythms, upon which the musician improvises.
ragamuffin a dirty child clothed in rags and tatters.
ragbag a bag for collecting or storing rags. [2 definitions]
rage intense anger; fury. [8 definitions]
ragged worn down into rags; torn and tattered. [5 definitions]
ragged edge the extreme edge, as of a cliff; brink.
raggedy ragged; torn; shaggy.
raggle-taggle oddly heterogeneous or mixed; motley.
ragi a cereal grass of Africa and Asia, cultivated for its edible grain.
raglan of or denoting a type of sleeve that is continuous from the armhole to the collar, with no shoulder seams. [2 definitions]
ragman a man who buys and sells rags and other miscellaneous items and scraps.
ragout a strongly seasoned stew of French origin. [2 definitions]
ragpicker a person who salvages and sells rags and other waste materials.
rag rug a rug made from woven or sewn strips of rags.
ragtag shaggy, unkempt, or decrepit; in poor condition; ramshackle.
ragtime an early twentieth-century American musical form, having a syncopated melody and an accompaniment in two-four time, usu. written for the piano.
ragweed a weed of the daisy family that produces abundant airborne pollen in the fall.
ragwort any of several plants bearing yellow flowers and irregularly shaped leaves; groundsel.