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raisin a sweet grape that has been dried for use as food.
raison d'état reason of state (French); a political or diplomatic justification or reason.
raison d'être (French) reason or justification for existence.
raj in India, a king, or his rule, reign, or dominion.
rajah in the Indian subcontinent or the East Indies, a king, prince, chief, or other dignitary.
Rajput a member of a Hindu people claiming descent from a former ruling caste of northern India and known for their military spirit.
rake1 a tool consisting of a long handle and a row of tines extending perpendicular to it, used for gathering up debris or cultivating the ground. [12 definitions]
rake2 one who shamelessly carries on improper or immoral behavior; profligate; libertine.
rake3 to slant away from a vertical or horizontal line; incline. [4 definitions]
rakehell a dissolute or debauched man; rake or roué. [2 definitions]
rake-off (informal) a share of total profits, esp. an amount received illegally, such as a bribe or embezzlement.
rakish1 behaving in a shamelessly immoral or dissolute manner; profligate.
rakish2 smart-looking or stylish; dashing; jaunty. [2 definitions]
rale an abnormal bubbling or rattling sound in a respiratory tract, often an indication of disease.
Raleigh the capital of North Carolina.
rallentando gradually slowing in tempo; ritardando (used as a musical direction).
rally1 to regather and reorganize after a fall into disorder, or to inspire with renewed spirit after a setback. [12 definitions]
rally2 to tease good-naturedly. [2 definitions]
Ralph Waldo Emerson U.S. essayist and poet and one of the founders of the Transcendentalist movement (b.1803--d.1882).
RAM abbreviation of "random-access memory."
ram a male sheep. [9 definitions]