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ramekin a food made of bread crumbs, cheese, and eggs, served in small, individual dishes. [2 definitions]
ramie a fiber similar to flax or cotton, harvested from a woody Asian plant, or the plant from which this fiber is derived.
ramification a consequence or related aspect of something; offshoot. [3 definitions]
ramiform resembling a branch; branchlike or branched.
ramify to spread into or become divided into many branches or subdivisions. [2 definitions]
ramjet a jet engine powered by a stream of compressed air that is forced out faster than it is taken in during forward motion of the plane.
ramose branching, or having many branches.
ramous ramose. [2 definitions]
ramp a sloping surface connecting two different levels, such as a causeway between two floor levels, or a roadway passing from ground level to an elevated bridge. [7 definitions]
rampage a course of angry, violent, or destructive behavior. [2 definitions]
rampant unrestrained or uncontrollable; unbridled. [5 definitions]
rampart a mound of earth raised to serve as a defensive fortification, often topped with a protective wall. [3 definitions]
rampion a European bellflower with thick white fleshy roots that can be cooked or used raw in salads. [2 definitions]
ramp up to cause (something) to increase or expand. [2 definitions]
Rampuri originating in Rampur, a city and region in northeastern India.
ramrod a rod that fits inside the barrel of a gun, used for pushing the charge into it or for cleaning it.
ramshackle poorly constructed or in disrepair; rickety.
ramtil a weedy composite annual, the seeds of which yield an oil used in India for cooking and in the making of soaps.
ran past tense of run.
ranch a large farm, esp. in the western United States, where cattle, horses, or other livestock are raised on a large area of land. [3 definitions]
rancher one who raises cattle, horses, or the like on a ranch or on the open range.