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ratin้ a loosely woven cloth with a knotty or nubby surface; sponge cloth.
rating1 an assignment of status according to a system of classification, esp. a scale; standing; rank.
rating2 a harsh scolding.
ratio a proportional relation between numbers or things based on amount or degree. [2 definitions]
ratiocinate to think logically; reason.
ratiocination the process of thinking logically; reasoning.
ration a fixed amount allotted by an authority, as of scarce goods in wartime; authorized share. [5 definitions]
rational sensible or reasoned. [4 definitions]
rationale a fundamental reason for doing or being; basis. [2 definitions]
rationalism the principle or practice of valuing reason over other faculties such as emotion, sensation, or intuition. [3 definitions]
rationality the state of being rational; clarity of thinking. [3 definitions]
rationalization the act or process of accounting for one's behavior, events, or the like, with seemingly reasonable and logical explanations which are actually self-serving attempts to excuse or justify.
rationalize to account for (one's behavior, events, or the like) with apparently reasonable, but self-serving, explanations. [3 definitions]
ratite of birds, having a flat, ridgeless breastbone. [2 definitions]
rat kangaroo any of various small ratlike kangaroos that are about the size of a rabbit.
ratline any of the pieces of rope tied horizontally between a ship's shrouds like rungs on a ladder, which permit climbing.
rat mite a widespread mite carried by rats that can transmit typhus to humans or cause inflammation of the skin by its bite.
rat race (informal) an exhausting, competitive struggle or routine.
ratsbane a poison for rats, esp. arsenic trioxide.
rat snake any of several nonpoisonous snakes of North America and Eurasia that eat rodents and other small mammals.
rattail slim and tapering like a rat's tail.