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rattail slim and tapering like a rat's tail.
rat-tail any of several deep-sea fishes with a large head and a long, tapering tail; grenadier.
rattail cactus a small, tropical cactus of Mexico and Central America having thin, drooping stems and bearing bright crimson flowers, widely cultivated as a houseplant.
rattan a climbing palm plant with long, tough, pliable stems. [2 definitions]
ratter an animal, such as a cat or terrier, that is skilled at catching rats.
rattle to make a series of hard, short knocking sounds. [9 definitions]
rattlebox a plant related to the pea, bearing seeds that rattle in their pods when ripe.
rattlebrain a silly, frivolous, overly talkative person.
rattle off to list or recite quickly, esp. from memory.
rattler a rattlesnake. [2 definitions]
rattlesnake a venomous pit viper of the Americas that has a segmented structure at the end of its tail which vibrates with a rattling sound.
rattlesnake plantain any of several ground orchids with mottled leaves, found in northern climates.
rattlesnake root any of various plants whose bitter roots or tubers have been thought to cure snakebite.
rattlesnake weed a plant of eastern North America, having purple-veined leaves at the base of its stem and bearing yellow flowers.
rattletrap an unstable, rickety, rattling object, esp. a run-down automobile.
rattling that rattles. [3 definitions]
rattrap a device for catching and killing rats. [2 definitions]
ratty tattered and worn. [3 definitions]
raucous loud, sharp, and rasping, as, at times, a bird's call or a human's voice or laugh. [2 definitions]
raunchy (informal) low in quality, appearance, or the like; careless; sloppy; cheap. [2 definitions]
rauwolfia any of various poisonous tropical trees and shrubs of the dogbane family. [2 definitions]