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rauwolfia any of various poisonous tropical trees and shrubs of the dogbane family. [2 definitions]
ravage to damage or destroy, as by violent action. [4 definitions]
rave to praise something extravagantly; express enthusiasm. [3 definitions]
ravel to cause to be tangled or unclear. [4 definitions]
raveling a thread pulled from a piece of cloth.
raven1 a large black crowlike bird with glossy feathers and a croaking call. [2 definitions]
raven2 to eat greedily; devour. [4 definitions]
ravening searching greedily for prey; rapacious. [2 definitions]
ravenous extremely hungry; famished; starved. [3 definitions]
ravin see raven2.
ravine a deep, steep-sided cut in the land, esp. one carved by the flow of water.
raving wild and unrestrained; frenzied; delirious. [3 definitions]
ravioli (used with a sing. or pl. verb) small pouches of pasta filled with ground meat, cheese, or the like.
ravish to overwhelm with emotion or sensation; enrapture. [3 definitions]
ravishing causing great delight, esp. by beauty.
raw being in an uncooked state. [8 definitions]
rawboned having a bony, thinly fleshed body; gaunt; lean.
rawhide untanned leather, esp. cattle skin. [2 definitions]
rawin the monitoring of upper-air wind currents using a balloon fitted with radar or a radio direction-finding device (acronym for "radio/wind").
raw material material or a product in its natural or original state, before processing or assembling.
raw silk silk that has been taken directly from the cocoon.