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reader a person who reads. [5 definitions]
readership the collective body of readers of a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.
readily promptly or easily. [2 definitions]
readiness the state of being willing, available, or ready. [2 definitions]
reading the action or activity of examining and comprehending written language. [8 definitions]
reading room a room, esp. designated for reading or quiet study as in a library.
readjust to bring once again to a more fitting or more correct state, relationship, position, or the like; to adjust again. [2 definitions]
readjustment combined form of adjustment.
readmission combined form of admission.
readmit combined form of admit.
readopt combined form of adopt.
readout a readable body of information retrieved from or displayed by an instrument, computer, or the like. [2 definitions]
ready having done the necessary things to get underway; prepared. [8 definitions]
ready-made made up ahead of time, as clothes in assorted sizes; not custom-made. [3 definitions]
ready-mix already combined for quick and easy use, esp. after adding a liquid.
ready room a room where crew members of an aircraft receive instructions before takeoff.
reaffirm combined form of affirm.
reaffirmation combined form of affirmation.
reaffix combined form of affix.
reagent a substance used in a chemical reaction to control or measure the reaction, analyze another substance, or produce a particular substance.
reagin either of two antibodies found in the blood, one in persons who have allergies and one in those who test positive for syphilis.