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real estate land, including the natural resources and permanent buildings on it.
real estate agent one whose job is to help clients buy, sell, lease or manage real estate.
realgar the orange-red mineral, arsenic sulfide, used in fireworks and as a pigment.
realign to come to a new relationship or set of alliances, as countries or political factions. [2 definitions]
realism an interest in or concern for what is real and true rather than abstract or theoretical. [3 definitions]
realist a person who tends to see or present things as they actually are. [2 definitions]
realistic of or based upon what is actual or feasible. [2 definitions]
reality the state or quality of being actual or real. [4 definitions]
realization the act or process of realizing. [2 definitions]
realize become aware of, or clearly perceive or understand. [3 definitions]
real life reality; not fiction, fantasy, or representation of reality.
real-life pertaining to or occurring in reality.
reallocate combined form of allocate.
really in fact; actually. [3 definitions]
realm a royal kingdom; domain. [2 definitions]
realpolitik (sometimes cap.) politics or national policy governed by principles of power, expansion, and expediency rather than by ideals or ethics.
real time the actual time in which an event occurs, esp. one being reported simultaneously with its occurrence. [2 definitions]
Realtor trademark for a real estate agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors. [2 definitions]
realty property that is either buildings or land; real estate.
real wages wages expressed in terms of purchasing power, rather than in terms of money paid. (Cf. nominal wages.)
ream1 a standard quantity of paper, usu. five hundred sheets, but sometimes 480 or 516. [2 definitions]