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ream1 a standard quantity of paper, usu. five hundred sheets, but sometimes 480 or 516. [2 definitions]
ream2 to enlarge or finish a round hole or opening with or as if with a reamer. [2 definitions]
reamer any of various tools for enlarging or finishing the sides of a hole, esp. in metal.
reanalysis combined form of analysis.
reanalyze combined form of analyze.
reanimate to endow with fresh energy, vitality, or power.
reanimation combined form of animation.
reannex combined form of annex.
reannexation combined form of annexation.
reap to gather (standing grain) by cutting. [3 definitions]
reaper a machine that cuts standing grain. [2 definitions]
reappear to come into view again, or come into existence again.
reappearance combined form of appearance.
reapplication combined form of application.
reapply combined form of apply.
reappoint combined form of appoint.
reappointment combined form of appointment.
reapportion to share or apportion in a different relation or ratio. [2 definitions]
reappraisal combined form of appraisal.
reappraise to make a second or fresh assessment of; reconsider, reevaluate, or rethink.
reappropriate combined form of appropriate.