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rearouse combined form of arouse.
rearrange to arrange in a different fashion. [2 definitions]
rearrangement combined form of arrangement.
rearrest combined form of arrest.
rearticulate combined form of articulate.
rearview mirror a mirror attached to a motor vehicle or bicycle in such a way that the driver can see the area to the rear.
rearward in or toward the rear.
reascend combined form of ascend.
reascent combined form of ascent.
reason a basis for explaining or justifying a belief, action, opinion, or event. [9 definitions]
reasonable in accordance with clear thinking and good judgment. [4 definitions]
reasoned marked by a process of reasoning.
reasoning the process of using reason to draw conclusions based on a premise or known facts. [2 definitions]
reasonless without reason; senseless. [2 definitions]
reassemblage combined form of assemblage.
reassemble combined form of assemble.
reassembly combined form of assembly.
reassert combined form of assert.
reassertion combined form of assertion.
reassess combined form of assess.
reassessment combined form of assessment.