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recapitulate to briefly review (the main points) of a spoken or written exchange or communication. [3 definitions]
recapitulation the act of recapitulating or state of being recapitulated. [3 definitions]
recapture to take or capture again; recover. [3 definitions]
recast to melt down (a metal object) and pour into another mold. [5 definitions]
recd. abbreviation of "received."
recede1 to move back to a previous low level or point, as water. [2 definitions]
recede2 to cede again; grant possession of to an original title holder.
receipt the act of receiving, or the condition of having received; receiving; reception. [5 definitions]
receivable suitable for acceptance. [3 definitions]
receive to get or take (something) that has been sent or offered. [10 definitions]
Received Standard English as spoken and pronounced by those educated in British public schools and at Oxford and Cambridge universities; upper-class British English.
receiver one that receives. [4 definitions]
receivership the state of being under the control of a receiver.
receiving blanket a lightweight blanket for wrapping around a baby.
receiving line hosts and guests of honor who stand in a row to greet guests at formal gatherings, esp. weddings and receptions.
receiving set a device that receives television or radio signals; receiver.
recension an editorial revision of a text based on critical examination of various versions of it. [2 definitions]
recent of or occurring in the immediate past. [4 definitions]
recently in the near past.
recentrifuge combined form of centrifuge.
receptacle a container for receiving and storing something. [2 definitions]