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reckoning the process of determining by counting, calculating, or estimating. [4 definitions]
reckon with to take into account; be mindful of; consider. [2 definitions]
reclaim to recover the use of (land areas) that can be drained, built up, or otherwise reconditioned. [5 definitions]
re-claim to act to reestablish title to or possession of.
reclaimable combined form of reclaim.
reclaimed of or pertaining to land that has been restored to a usable state. [2 definitions]
reclamation the act or process of restoring poor-quality or useless land. [2 definitions]
reclassification combined form of classification.
reclassify combined form of classify.
reclinate bent towards the base, as the leaf or stem of a plant.
recline to move into a comfortable lying position. [3 definitions]
recliner a type of chair with a back that tilts to an inclined position, often with a footrest that rises simultaneously.
reclothe combined form of clothe.
recluse a person who lives in voluntary isolation from others. [2 definitions]
reclusive tending to separate oneself from society and live in secluded isolation.
recodify combined form of codify.
recognition the act of identifying someone or something previously seen or known. [4 definitions]
recognizable that is or can be recognized.
recognizance a formal promise made in court or to a judge obligating the promiser to do something such as appear in court. [2 definitions]
recognize to identify (someone or something) from previous experience or contact with that person or thing. [7 definitions]
recoil to draw or start back, as in disgust or horror. [5 definitions]