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recompose to compose anew; rearrange or reconstitute. [2 definitions]
recomputation combined form of computation.
recompute combined form of compute.
reconceive combined form of conceive.
reconcentrate combined form of concentrate.
reconcentration combined form of concentration.
reconception combined form of conception.
reconceptualization combined form of conceptualization.
reconceptualize combined form of conceptualize.
reconcilable capable of being reconciled.
reconcile to overcome differences and restore a relationship between. [3 definitions]
reconciliation the act of reconciling, or the condition of being reconciled, esp. in a personal relationship. [2 definitions]
recondense combined form of condense.
recondite involving profound concepts and complexities; not easily understood. [2 definitions]
recondition to restore to good condition; renovate or fix.
reconfiguration combined form of configuration.
reconnaissance the act or process of examining an area, esp. to gain militarily useful information.
reconnect combined form of connect.
reconnection combined form of connection.
reconnoiter to go through or over (an area) so as to gain information about it, as for military or engineering purposes. [2 definitions]
reconquer combined form of conquer.