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rectangle a geometric plane figure with four sides, four right angles, and opposite sides parallel.
rectangular having the shape of a rectangle. [3 definitions]
recti- right; straight.
rectifier an electrical device, such as a vacuum tube, that converts alternating current to direct current. [2 definitions]
rectify to put right or correct (a bad situation, injustice, or the like); remedy. [4 definitions]
rectilinear made of, moving in, or containing straight lines.
rectitude moral or ethical propriety; uprightness. [3 definitions]
recto the side of a book page that is bound on its left edge; right-hand page (Cf. verso.)
rector a clergyman in charge of an ecclesiastical unit such as a parish, college, religious house, or other congregation.
rectory the residence of a rector.
rectum the straight section of the large intestine connected to the anus.
recultivate combined form of cultivate.
recumbent lying down; reclining. [4 definitions]
recuperate to recover one's health after an illness. [4 definitions]
recuperation the process of recovering from an illness or injury, or the completed state of recovery.
recur to occur another time or repeatedly. [3 definitions]
recurrence an act or instance of happening or appearing again or repeatedly. [2 definitions]
recurrent happening or occurring again or repeatedly. [2 definitions]
recurve to bend or curve back or backward, as the ends of certain shooting bows.
recuse to withdraw or attempt to disqualify (oneself or another) as a potential juror or judge because of the possibility of bias or personal interest. [2 definitions]
recyclable able to be reused in some form, either fully or partially. [2 definitions]