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rectilinear made of, moving in, or containing straight lines.
rectitude moral or ethical propriety; uprightness. [3 definitions]
recto the side of a book page that is bound on its left edge; right-hand page (Cf. verso.)
rector a clergyman in charge of an ecclesiastical unit such as a parish, college, religious house, or other congregation.
rectory the residence of a rector.
rectum the straight section of the large intestine connected to the anus.
recultivate combined form of cultivate.
recumbent lying down; reclining. [4 definitions]
recuperate to recover one's health after an illness. [4 definitions]
recuperation the process of recovering from an illness or injury, or the completed stateof recovery.
recur to occur another time or repeatedly. [3 definitions]
recurrence an act or instance of happening or appearing again or repeatedly. [2 definitions]
recurrent happening or occurring again or repeatedly. [2 definitions]
recurve to bend or curve back or backward, as the ends of certain shooting bows.
recuse to withdraw or attempt to disqualify (oneself or another) as a potential juror or judge because of the possibility of bias or personal interest. [2 definitions]
recyclable able to be reused in some form, either fully or partially. [2 definitions]
recycle to treat (discarded items) for reuse or so as to recover reusable materials. [3 definitions]
recycling bin a container used for holding discarded items such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newspapers, which will be collected and eventually recycled.
red any of several colors that resemble the color of blood; the first color on the spectrum. [7 definitions]
redact to make ready for publication; edit, rewrite, or revise. [2 definitions]
red alert a warning of imminent military attack.