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redpoll any of various small finches characterized by a red patch on the crown of the head.
redraft a second or subsequent draft of a blueprint, plan, legislative bill, or the like. [2 definitions]
redraw combined form of draw.
redream combined form of dream.
redress compensation or reparation; amends. [4 definitions]
re-dress to dress or clothe once more; dress over again.
red salmon see sockeye salmon.
Red Sea an extension of the Indian Ocean northwest between Arabia and Africa.
red shift the tendency of light waves from distant luminous bodies such as galaxies to decrease in frequency with movement away from the observer. (See Doppler effect.)
redshirt (informal) to withdraw a varsity athlete from competition for a year in order to extend his or her eligibility. [2 definitions]
redskin (offensive slang) an American Indian.
red snapper any of several tropical or semitropical marine food fishes having reddish bodies.
red spider any of various small red spiderlike mites that feed on vegetation.
red squirrel a common North American tree squirrel with reddish or tawny fur.
redstart an American warbler, the male of which is mostly black with bright orange patches on the wings and tail. [2 definitions]
red tape official forms, regulations, and procedures, esp. those resulting in delay and frustration.
red tide a brownish red discoloration of sea waters caused by a local overabundance of certain single-celled algae that are toxic to many forms of marine life.
redtop a grass with reddish flower clusters that is grown for hay, pasturage, and lawns.
reduce to make less in amount or size. [8 definitions]
reducing agent a substance that chemically reduces or causes reduction in another substance, and that is itself oxidized in the process.
reductio ad absurdum (Latin) the disproof of a proposition by demonstrating the impossibility or absurdity of its logical conclusion.