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reexamine combined form of examine.
reexperience combined form of experience.
reexplore combined form of explore.
reexport combined form of export.
reexportation combined form of exportation.
reexposure combined form of exposure.
reexpress combined form of express.
ref (informal) a referee. [2 definitions]
ref.1 abbreviation of "reference."
ref.2 abbreviation of "referee."
reface combined form of face.
refection refreshment of body, mind, or spirit, esp. after hunger or fatigue. [2 definitions]
refectory an institutional dining hall, as in a monastery or a college.
refeed combined form of feed.
refeel combined form of feel.
refence combined form of fence.
refer to point to something, or say something about, in speech or writing; speak of; allude. [5 definitions]
referable combined form of refer.
referee one to whom a matter is referred for decision. [4 definitions]
reference the act or process of referring. [7 definitions]
reference book a book that is a source of information. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are reference books.