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relativist one who supports or advocates the theory of relativism.
relativistic of or relating to relativism. [2 definitions]
relativity the state or condition of being relative. [2 definitions]
relax to make looser or less rigid. [9 definitions]
relaxant of, pertaining to, or used for relaxation. [2 definitions]
relaxation diversion or recreation designed to refresh the body and mind. [4 definitions]
relaxed free of physical or mental tension. [3 definitions]
relaxing causing one to feel calm, at ease, or restful.
relay two or more people or crews that alternate with or follow each other in carrying out a task or running a race. [5 definitions]
re-lay to lay again or in another way.
relay race a race between two or more teams in which each runner is relieved by a teammate after running part of the distance.
relearn combined form of learn.
release to liberate from confinement or other form of constraint, such as obligation or pain. [9 definitions]
re-lease to lease or rent again.
released time a period or periods of time during which a person is free of regular duties, such as teaching or attending class, to have time for other tasks or activities.
relegate to send or consign to a condition, place, or position of lesser importance or esteem. [3 definitions]
relend combined form of lend.
relent to become milder, more sympathetic, or more lenient. [2 definitions]
relentless without mercy or compassion; unyielding or stern. [2 definitions]
relevance the quality of being relevant.
relevant related to or connected with the present matter; pertinent. [2 definitions]