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renown wide honor and acclaim; fame.
renowned widely known and acclaimed; famous.
rent1 a periodic payment made by a tenant to an owner of property for the right to occupy or use that property. [5 definitions]
rent2 an opening resulting from a tear, slit, or cut. [3 definitions]
rental an apartment or commercial property available for rent. [4 definitions]
renter one who rents property from an owner; tenant. [2 definitions]
renumber combined form of number.
renunciation the act or an instance of giving up or rejecting something, usu. as a sacrifice; renouncing.
reobserve combined form of observe.
reoccupation combined form of occupation.
reoccupy combined form of occupy.
reoccur combined form of occur.
reoccurrence combined form of occurrence.
reoil combined form of oil.
reopen to cause to become open again. [2 definitions]
reoperate combined form of operate.
reoperation combined form of operation.
reorchestrate combined form of orchestrate.
reorchestration combined form of orchestration.
reorder an identical repeated order of goods from a supplier. [3 definitions]
reorganization the act or process of organizing again. [2 definitions]