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renewable energy any form of energy that is naturally replenished within a human lifetime, such as solar energy or wind power.
renewable energy source any source of energy that is naturally replenished within a human lifetime.
renewal the act of renewing or state of being renewed. [2 definitions]
reni- kidney.
reniform in the shape of a kidney, as certain leaves.
renminbi the chief monetary unit of the People's Republic of China, equaling ten jiao or one hundred fen; yuan. [2 definitions]
rennet the lining of the fourth stomach of a calf or of the stomach of certain other young ruminating animals, or a substance from such a stomach. [2 definitions]
rennin the chief enzyme in rennet.
renounce to give up (a right or claim) usu. by formal declaration or announcement; waive. [5 definitions]
renovate to put in good condition by repairing, remodeling, or the like; refurbish.
renovation the act or process of repairing and updating (a building or the like) so that the condition is improved and meets current standards.
renown wide honor and acclaim; fame.
renowned widely known and acclaimed; famous.
rent1 a periodic payment made by a tenant to an owner of property for the right to occupy or use that property. [5 definitions]
rent2 an opening resulting from a tear, slit, or cut. [3 definitions]
rental an apartment or commercial property available for rent. [4 definitions]
renter one who rents property from an owner; tenant. [2 definitions]
renumber combined form of number.
renunciation the act or an instance of giving up or rejecting something, usu. as a sacrifice; renouncing.
reobserve combined form of observe.
reoccupation combined form of occupation.