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reoccurrence combined form of occurrence.
reoil combined form of oil.
reopen to cause to become open again. [2 definitions]
reoperate combined form of operate.
reoperation combined form of operation.
reorchestrate combined form of orchestrate.
reorchestration combined form of orchestration.
reorder an identical repeated order of goods from a supplier. [3 definitions]
reorganization the act or process of organizing again. [2 definitions]
reorganize to organize (something) anew.
reorient combined form of orient.
reorientation combined form of orientation.
reoutfit combined form of outfit.
reoxidation combined form of oxidation.
reoxidize combined form of oxidize.
Rep. abbreviation of "Representative," a person who speaks for a community or constituency.
rep1 a corded or ribbed fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or the like, used esp. for draperies and upholstery.
rep2 (informal) a representative, esp. of a business. [2 definitions]
rep3 short form of "repetition" (often used in connection with the carrying out of a specific physical exercise).
repackage to package again or in a different or more attractive way.
repaid past tense and past participle of repay.