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repeating firearm a firearm that can fire several shots before being reloaded.
repeg combined form of peg.
repel to drive away or force backwards. [7 definitions]
repellent causing distaste, aversion, or repulsion. [4 definitions]
repent1 to be sorry or feel remorse for sins or transgressions; be penitent. [3 definitions]
repent2 in biology, creeping or crawling flat along the ground.
repentance the feeling of sorrow or deep regret for something done in the past.
repeople to populate or provide with people again. [2 definitions]
repercussion (usu. pl.) a result or effect of an action or event, often occurring indirectly or unexpectedly. [2 definitions]
repertoire the stock or list of artistic pieces, such as dramatic or operatic roles, that a player or company of players is prepared to perform. [2 definitions]
repertory a stock of skills, talents, or performing pieces; repertoire. [2 definitions]
repertory theater a theater in which a company presents several plays, operas, or the like, from their repertoire, usu. in alternating sequence, in the course of a season.
repetition the act or process of repeating. [3 definitions]
repetitious marked by or filled with repetition, esp. tedious repetition.
repetitive tending to or characterized by repetition.
rephotograph combined form of photograph.
rephrase to say or write again using different words or phrasing.
repine to express or feel unhappiness; complain; fret. [2 definitions]
replace to put in place of (a similar object). [3 definitions]
replaceable combined form of replace.
replacement the act or process of substituting or replacing. [2 definitions]