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repatriate to send back or restore (a political refugee or prisoner of war) to the country of origin or citizenship. [2 definitions]
repattern combined form of pattern.
repave combined form of pave.
repay to pay back (a loan or other debt). [4 definitions]
repayable combined form of repay.
repeal to withdraw, revoke, or make void, esp. by official action or proclamation. [2 definitions]
repealable combined form of repeal.
repeat to state or utter again (what has already been said). [7 definitions]
repeatable combined form of repeat.
repeated occurring again and again.
repeatedly again and again; many times in a row.
repeater one that repeats. [3 definitions]
repeating decimal a decimal in which one or more digits is repeated indefinitely; circulating decimal.
repeating firearm a firearm that can fire several shots before being reloaded.
repeg combined form of peg.
repel to drive away or force backwards. [7 definitions]
repellent causing distaste, aversion, or repulsion. [4 definitions]
repent1 to be sorry or feel remorse for sins or transgressions; be penitent. [3 definitions]
repent2 in biology, creeping or crawling flat along the ground.
repentance the feeling of sorrow or deep regret for something done in the past.
repeople to populate or provide with people again. [2 definitions]