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reregulation combined form of regulation.
rerelease combined form of release.
reremind combined form of remind.
rerepeat combined form of repeat.
rereview combined form of review.
rerig combined form of rig.
reroof combined form of roof.
reroute to send by another or different road or way.
rerun to run again or show once more. [3 definitions]
res in law, the subject matter, item, or object of a dispute involving property rather than an individual.
resalable able or fit to be sold again.
resale the act of selling something a second time.
resample combined form of sample.
reschedule to change the time of (something that has been planned). [2 definitions]
rescind to take back or make invalid; revoke.
rescission the act of rescinding or canceling.
rescore combined form of score.
rescreen combined form of screen.
rescript an official answer from a Roman emperor or the pope in regard to a question of doctrine or law. [3 definitions]
rescue to free or save, as from danger or confinement. [3 definitions]
rescuer one who steps in and saves another from harm or restraint.