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res in law, the subject matter, item, or object of a dispute involving property rather than an individual.
resalable able or fit to be sold again.
resale the act of selling something a second time.
resample combined form of sample.
reschedule to change the time of (something that has been planned). [2 definitions]
rescind to take back or make invalid; revoke.
rescission the act of rescinding or canceling.
rescore combined form of score.
rescreen combined form of screen.
rescript an official answer from a Roman emperor or the pope in regard to a question of doctrine or law. [3 definitions]
rescue to free or save, as from danger or confinement. [2 definitions]
resculpt combined form of sculpt.
resealable combined form of sealable.
research systematic investigation and study to obtain and analyze information, as about a theory, event, intellectual discipline, or the like. [3 definitions]
re-search to search again.
researchable combined form of research.
researcher a person who engages in systematic scholarly investigation in order to gain knowledge or understanding or to solve a particular problem.
reseason combined form of season.
reseat to show to a new seat or seat again. [2 definitions]
resect to surgically remove (an organ, bone, or the like).
resectable combined form of resect.