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resiniferous yielding resin, as certain trees.
resinous pertaining to, like, or full of resin.
resist to actively oppose or strive against. [4 definitions]
resistance the act or process of resisting. [4 definitions]
resistant capable of or giving resistance.
resister a person who resists, esp. someone who works in opposition to the policies of a government or other dominant power.
resistible capable of being resisted.
resistive given to or marked by resistance.
resistivity the degree of electrical resistance of a conductor, expressed in terms of the amount per unit of length. [2 definitions]
resistless not capable of being resisted; irresistible. [2 definitions]
resistor a part of an electric circuit that provides resistance to some of the current.
resite combined form of site.
resize to make larger or smaller while keeping all other featues the same. [2 definitions]
res judicata a thing or matter already adjudicated.
reslate combined form of slate.
resoak combined form of soak.
resocialization combined form of socialization.
resocialize combined form of socialize.
resod combined form of sod.
resolder combined form of solder.
resole to furnish (a shoe, boot, or the like) with a new sole. [2 definitions]