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respiratory of, relating to, or used in respiration.
respiratory system the system that brings oxygen to the body. It is made up of the lungs, diaphragm, windpipe, and nasal passages.
respire to breathe in air and then exhale it. [3 definitions]
respiritualize combined form of spiritualize.
respite a period of rest, esp. from something difficult or unpleasant. [4 definitions]
resplendence the state or quality of being resplendent.
resplendent full of splendor; radiant; shining.
respond to give a reply, in words or otherwise. [3 definitions]
respondent responding or replying. [3 definitions]
responder a person or thing that responds or reacts. [2 definitions]
response the act or process of responding. [3 definitions]
responsibility the condition or fact of being responsible; the condition or fact of being answerable or accountable. [3 definitions]
responsible answerable or accountable. [6 definitions]
responsive acting or speaking in answer. [2 definitions]
responsory a responsive verse or set of verses spoken or sung in a church service.
respot combined form of spot.
resprout combined form of sprout.
res publica (Latin) public matter; the state, republic, or commonwealth.
rest1 a state of relaxation or sleep that restores the body. [20 definitions]
rest2 a remaining piece or part. [3 definitions]
restabilize combined form of stabilize.