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retainer1 a domestic servant or household employee. [2 definitions]
retainer2 a fee paid in advance to obtain professional advice, esp. legal advice.
retaining wall a wall that is built to hold a mass of earth or water in place.
retake to take back again; repossess; recapture. [5 definitions]
retaliate to strike back; take revenge. [2 definitions]
retaliation the act of striking back or taking revenge.
retard to cause (growth, development, or the like) to be slow or incomplete; stunt. [3 definitions]
retardant something that retards or delays, such as a substance that reduces the speed of a chemical reaction. [2 definitions]
retardate a person who is mentally retarded.
retardation slowness or deficiency in mental, physical, or emotional growth. [4 definitions]
retarded (Outdated; no longer in scientific use) comparatively slow or deficient in intellectual growth. [2 definitions]
retarget combined form of target.
retaste combined form of taste.
retch to attempt to vomit.
reteach combined form of teach.
retell to tell again, esp. a story or account.
retention the act or process of retaining. [2 definitions]
retentive having the ability to retain. [2 definitions]
retexture combined form of texture.
rethink to think over or consider again. [2 definitions]
rethread combined form of thread.